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Internet of Things


Access Networks provides a range of IoT hardware including Gateways and various sensors as well as platforms across the major IoT networks available in the NZ market, including 3G/4G, Lora, Cat1M1.

Our vendor partners include:


Kerlink is a global leading provider of infrastructure for the IoT market, predominantly across Lora networks. Click here for an overview of Kerlink's Solutions


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 Exosite are an IoT software and solutions vendor who were recently recognized in the June 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant report for Industrial IoT Platforms. Exosite was recognized as one of just 16 vendors included in the report and was positioned furthest for completeness of vision out of the six vendors added to the report this year

Expedite your connected-product success with technology-driven IoT solutions built to get you to market fast and on to revenue even faster.

Cradelpoint new logo.png

Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Solution Packages for IoT Networks deliver pervasive broadband connectivity, cloud-like agility, software extensibility, and perimeter-based security for a wide variety of IoT and M2M deployments located anywhere. Cradlepoint’s IoT routers are cloud-managed and can be deployed anywhere in days instead of months. Benefits include:

  • Compact & flexible solution

  • Extensibility dock

  • Device & group management & configuration

  • Built-in security for IoT & M2M

  • Edge Computing for customized cost-efficiencies

  • 4G LTE leadership today & 5G tomorrow

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WoMaster are a leading manufacturer of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Industrial Networking & Communication Hardware and Cloud platform . We have a wide range of products with more than 20 years of experience in this field.  From Industrial layer 2 or layer 3 routing switches to cellular PoE routers, WoMaster designs compliant solutions for critical applications such as Telecom, Smart City, Utilities, City Surveillance, Power Substation, Railway, or Hazardous environments. Click here for the Smart Cities Guide.

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